All Hat, No Cattle

I’ve decided to do this as a new posting, but would like to give credit where it is due for the starting thought – the previous posting which looked at why/how a company morphs into TransConX (insert name here) from a championed space startup… First off: Hi back at you, Monty! Now, to the matter […]

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The Journal of Irreproducible Results

There’s a great publication, the Journal of Irreproducible Results, which bills itself as “The fact-filled, fun-filled, thoughtful science humor magazine”. For those who are unfamiliar with the JIR, it is a magazine which has a go at the more dubious claims coming out of the scientific community. Hence the title. Here’s what Omni magazine has […]

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Space Tragic (definition)

Space Tragic – n. someone who passionately believes in the long term development of space, and desperately wants to go to space for him/her self. often confused with an, who believes in the viability of commercial space development by the private sector, if only (a)big government would get out of the way, and (b) […]

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Space Cynic

Space Cynic TEACHER IN SPACE: Recently, three companies (RocketPlane, XCOR, and Armadillo) announced donations of suborbital space rides for teachers. This was hailed by the Kool-Aid crowd as a generous gift, and the donors are the heroes of the day in How is it generous? None of the three companies has yet flown […]

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Cynic or Critic?

I think this new blog is a great idea – thanks, Shubber, for starting it and inviting us to participate. I’m already out there blogging on a variety of other issues, so I look forward to sharing views with some of my good friends on the seemingly interminable challenges involved in getting people into space […]

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Space Tragic. This is the term – so aptly used in Australia – which conveys its meaning without the need for any subsequent definition. You know if you are a space tragic. And yet, the seemingly simple question: why? or, perhaps more elaborately: why am I a “space cynic”? why do i bother with the […]

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