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The Journal of Irreproducible Results April 30, 2006

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There’s a great publication, the Journal of Irreproducible Results, which bills itself as “The fact-filled, fun-filled, thoughtful science humor magazine”.

For those who are unfamiliar with the JIR, it is a magazine which has a go at the more dubious claims coming out of the scientific community. Hence the title.

Here’s what Omni magazine has to say about JIR:

“There are few outlets in the world where scientists with a sense of humor can poke fun at themselves and publish theoretical breakthroughs. The finest one today is the Journal of Irreproducible Results.”

So what? you might ask.

Well, today i had the pleasure of stumbling across a new publication which at first I thought must be satire, but in fact appears to be serious. In fact, the tagline reads “the world’s 1st monthly magazine focusing on Space Tourism and Commercialization!”

Of course, there is no option to actually VIEW a bit of the content in advance, before deciding if one might want to subscribe to this publication. I’m almost tempted to sign up for it anyways – at a bit over $8/issue, it’s pricey for something which I would be hard-pressed to believe could run more than 4 pages (after all, how much can you write about a non-existant business on a recurring monthly basis? Wait. Scratch that…)

I’d be particularly interested in seeing the questions on this topic:
“In addition each issue (starting with the May issue) of the magazine includes an educational space tourism quiz !!”

Exciting times.

I just wonder if they recall that little, well funded publication known as “Space Illustrated”?

Feel free to click on the link under the google sponsored ad – that way we too can say we are making money off an alt.space idea 😉



1. TomsRants - April 30, 2006

I looked up the WHOIS data – the domain belongs to someone named Alexander Windel in VA. He also, it seems, is starting up something called the “Space Elevator Club”, and was even on a panel with Brad Edwards at last year’s Space Exploration conference. He mentioned a magazine devoted to SE fans. Among his bullet points: “Everybody invited to contribute to the SE magazine. Has technical and layman content. Authors get magazine for free.”

But now he’s starting a publication devoted to space tourism. With no sample content.
It reminds me the “light reading” joke in the film “Airplane”.

I went to the trouble of looking this up as I was certain this was another Odyssey Spacelines type scam. I could’ve handled that. However it’s worse – it’s a serious True Believer.

In a higher sense, this thing serves as an illustrative example of all True Believers, does it not? Just pony up and trust me to deliver.

2. Professor L - April 30, 2006

Shubber, love the space tourism ad. No editor, no publisher, no Table of Contents, no masthead, just give me tired and outstretched hands full of money and I will give you what you want, maybe. Trust me, I have a space tourism magazine! I have no clue who is behind it but here is a message to the people behind the magazine: If you want to be take seriously, provide your identity, your experience, your background, your expertise, what is the Table of Contents for the trial issue, how about making available a sample article from the premiere issue. How about having respect those you want to serve or do you just want to fleece them? You are violating every known law of decent and above board marketing. Sure, you may be legit but how is one to know from what your ad says? Do you think this community is a bunch of fools and it will just hand you multiple subscriptions for saying “space tourism.” If you want to provide a magazine or journal, fine, do it. But be up front about what you are doing and provide the basics so people can evaluate your program and make an arms length decision.
Professor L.

3. Shubber Ali - April 30, 2006

Do you think this community is a bunch of fools and it will just hand you multiple subscriptions for saying “space tourism.”

Um, do i need to answer this?

4. badger - April 30, 2006

“Here’s what Omni magazine has to say”

Omni magazine? Welcome to the 21st Century, time traveler.

If you really want to keep up on the space “tourism” news without paying money and wasting trees, check out Personal Spaceflight, from a brand you can trust.

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