Kool-Aid lessons from South Park

A truly classic South Park episode, aired a few years back, still offers valuable lessons for investors, not just in space, but really any industry. In this episode, the boy’s teacher assigns a report on current events. Being totally unschooled in such, they instead decide to write about mysterious “underpants gnomes” that have been spied […]

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The 5% solution

Hasty generalizationFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaHasty generalization, also known as “fallacy of insufficient statistics”, “fallacy of insufficient sample”, “fallacy of the lonely fact”, “leaping to a conclusion”, “hasty induction”, “law of small numbers” or “secundum quid”, is the logical fallacy of reaching an inductive generalization based on too little evidence. Examples with contradictions“I loved the […]

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Why Slam?

Dan Schrimpsher asked a perfectly reasonable question after I recently slammed a blogger for pooh-poohing the radiation hazards of manned space flight to Mars, although I believe he over-reacted. Dan wonders why I would slam a blogger for his opinion if he isn’t asking for money. There are 2 reasons: First, anyone is entitled to […]

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Kool-Aid Filter for Alt.Space

Space Cynic There seems to be some confusion about defining what is and is not Kool-Aid in alt.space. The following, reprinted with permission, can be used as a Kool-Aid filter when applied to your favorite alt.space start-up: If you see any of the following, run away — 1. The principals cannot understand why the coolness […]

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More on Dreams, Fantasies, and Kool-aid

I have to agree with Shubber that indeed this humble little blog appears to have ruffled some feathers here and there. Some offline criticisms – gleaned via internal e-mail threads passed around among ourselves – indicates we’re still not being clear enough in our definitions of what constitutes a “dream” alt.space company, versus that of […]

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Notes on a Monday Morning

It’s monday morning, i’ve got heaps on my desk to take care of as the week begins, and so of course i start off by a quick surf through Cyberspace. War still on in Iraq? Check.War drums beating for Iran? CheckChinese IPO flying off the shelves? CheckImmigration friends/foes fighting over the border troops? CheckDaVinci code […]

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Calling all REAL Journalists

So one of the great things about living here in Sydney is that life is a lot more civlised and less rat-race like than the normal big city i’m used to from the US. This Sunday morning, around 9 am, i heard the usual shrill whistling sound that comes every sunday morning, blasted out from […]

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