Space Cynic

Space Cynic A market!! There is a need right now for regular (monthly?) launches of 50-100 Kg to LEO by big pharma. There is a smaller market for such launches with recovery after days to weeks.

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No Love in an Elevator

Sorry for the short hiatus in posting, folks…. (cue Maxwell Smart voice) would you believe, I was trapped in an elevator waiting for the technicians to get the doors unstuck and me back safely on terra firma. (uncue voice) Actually, i was just traveling to Japan and Hong Kong and am now back in Sydney […]

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Breaking News From ISDC!

Virgin Galactic announced yesterday that they will not, repeat, will not, have hostesses on their flights when they are inaugurated. Richard Branson is firm on this. More breaking news will be reported in this space as it happens, live, from the International Space Development Conference, Los Angeles, CA.

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Logos on the Moon?

Yes, I know Heinlein wrote about it. Now it appears to have made CNet News: “Logos to Replace Man In The Moon, Ad Man Predicts” I wonder how long until the moon is “tagged”? On a serious note, however, this does open up a whole range of issues related to space property rights, etc. After […]

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What is a Cynic?

Source: Roget’s New Millennium™ Thesaurus, First Edition (v 1.2.1) Main Entry: doubter Part of Speech: noun Definition: nonbeliever Synonyms: agnostic, cynic, disbeliever, doubting Thomas, headshaker*, questioner, skeptic, unbeliever, zetetic Antonyms: believer, worshipper Copyright © 2006 by Lexico Publishing Group, LLC. All rights reserved. * = informal or slang

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Asteroid Mining vs. Cloud Mining

Many of you already know my views on the claims of asteroid mining proponents – in particular the “I’ve never taken an Econ 101 class and don’t know the most fundamental concepts of supply, demand, and market-clearing prices” claim that many asteroids have TRILLIONS of dollars of precious metals just waiting for a smart VC […]

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