X-Treme Ports

I usually think of an “extreme sport” as anything that will kill you if either you or your equipment (or both) screw up at a really inopportune moment. Ergo, I consider white water rafting, skydiving, ultralight aircraft, rock climbing, and scuba diving in that genre – the low-end of it, at least. I used to […]

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A "Space" Business Gets Launched

Apologies for the slight delay in posting recently – i’ve been busy helping* a new exciting startup company get through their initial launch this weekend with their first customer, and they are already generating revenue! The company, comprised mainly of young smart space tragics, is only tangentially related to space, in that one of the […]

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The Problem with SSP

I was asked to write up some thoughts on Space Solar Power, so here they are – stream of conscious and all that. I wrote this even though the last time I had the gall to say such things (in Space News) i was excoriated by members of alt.space for attacking one of the holy […]

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