Help Me Understand

TopSpacer at says the following: “I have no idea if the K-1 is a great or even a good design for a RLV. My point has always been that it is simply a proof of the principle that fully reusable vehicles are practical now. ” I fail to understand the logic here. The quality […]

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Boys and Their Toys

Imagine a 6 year old boy sitting in a box on the sidewalk. He is wearing a helmet and goggles, and going “Vroom, vroom.” Fast forward 6 more years. The boy is now in his treehouse repelling alien invaders. Fast forward again for one third century. The boy now has a very, very fancy treehouse. […]

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A Sucker Born Every Minute

“It might be worth something in a few years.” This gem of an insight brought to you by Ms. Sarah Lang, a 31 year old housewife in England who won 1 million pounds in a contest (“Pokerface”) and apparently has decided she wants to buy a plot on the moon. According to the article in […]

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Buy the Ride Balderdash

Some space advocates (alt.spacers or NewSpacers or whatever they call themselves these days) have been pushing the concept that NASA should “buy the ride instead of buying the rocket.” The idea is that private enterprise can do a better job of developing manned vehicles and NASA should just purchase transportation from the private sector. This […]

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Port or Starboard?

In his recent blog post: Agreement! At least I think so… Bill stated the following: But I don’t see how theme park spaceports can hurt provided we do not expect too much from them They can hurt in one very obvious way: financial. You may not have an issue with governments expropriating taxpayers’ money on […]

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