This Space Project Wants Your Feedback


I have been contacted by the group at the website, Check it out. Here are 17 questions/feedback that they have wanted information on. I think its best left to readers of the blog to respond to this group re their plan to launch an 80 unit condo project throughout the galaxy. Here are the comments/questions I just received that you might want to opine on for the project creators. Keep in mind, the 17 questions/comments were in response to my comments.

1) I found your site in a google search engine “Space” (this refers to how they found Professor L).
2) Yes we are for real.
3) Why did you send me an http:// to a assurance company (no idea what this is, probably an electronic glitch).
4) The technical drawings were produced with the AutoCAD 2002 and 2004 program in .dwg.
and yes we are serious
5) financing
6) We would like to be open for rental in 2015, but that will take six successful launches.
7) Every negative comment received so far has given us all challenges to salve and so helped us design a condo that can and will work (disregarding the plasma core) telling us why we can’t makes us prove we can.
8) Every physics and engineering problem has been solved by other before us and we just collected there answers.
9) Business and financial questions will be the slowing movement we must push against.
10) Have you a problem with living inside an 80m x 20m hollow cylindrical magnet?
11) Do you foresee problems with the operations of computers inside an 80m x 20m hollow cylindrical spinning magnet?
12) Do you have information regarding the size and strength a magnet must be to deflect and collect the magnetically charged plasma that we must deal with when we move beyond the Earths Magnetosphere?
13) Is there a an engineering situation you feel we have over looked or not addressed @ tasha9503?
14) Is there a physics question you feel we have over looked or not addressed @ tasha9503
15) You profusely apologize for sounding negative but have not yet pointed to any reason we can not build the initial condo to be used as a hotel resort.
16) You have not yet requested any information, that might alleviate the fears you found out side the box.
17) The site shows our immediate plans and our long term goals, but it has not gone into the details of how we plan to salve the problems other were stopped at. you have not even pointed out a spot where people stopped.

Space Cynic readers, check out their website and post your feedback and comments.

12 thoughts on “This Space Project Wants Your Feedback

  1. I am tempted to reverse engineer various possible questions that provoked those 17 answers. Might be fun.

    More seriously, I have met this Nigerian gentleman passing through the tubes of the IntarWeb who might be interesting in making an inevstment.

  2. Jeopardy!

    That was the phrase I was looking for? Let’s play Jeopardy using those 17 answers as the hints for creating amusing quetsions.

  3. Space Cynic Readers:

    This is the email that prompted the reply with the 17 questions/comments:

    “Tasha9503, you have peaked my interest. First, how did you know to send me your initial email?
    Next, what you have on your site and what you tell me is so outrageous and hard to comprehend let alone believe, I have to ask, without in anyway being insulting so please do not think I am being insulted, are you guys/gals for real? Are you serious about all this or this is a grand put on, a scam or something. Again, I am not intending to be rude or to put down your ideas, its just so out there that it smacks of total Kool Aid and more. Surely you have been told this before so I just have to ask if you are really serious about this program you are describing to me.

    Assuming you are for real, how are you financing this project, when do you intend to do it, over what time period? When would your initial launch be? I guess I should spend more time at your website. Its really hard to take your program seriously. For sure, its not conventional to say the least. I am almost speechless.

    I certainly want more information and will spend some time on your site. Thank you for communicating with me. And please don’t take my comments the wrong way. I am working hard here to keep an open mind but you must know that what you say is outrageously outside the box, even to those of us that live outside the box.

    Let’s see where this discussion takes us. I will check more deeply into your website and in the meantime, if you have more material you can forward me, please do.

    Also, my colleagues in the copy to line above are working with me to evaluate the material and responses you provide, plus what is on your website. These three individuals represent the business and financial world, physics and engineering, and all of us are dedicated to further the development of space.”

  4. 1: The numbers don’t add up. For $1 million, I can get use of the hotel for one week per year. Thus, for $52 million, I can get permanent use. Yet, to buy a condo takes $3.5 billion?
    2: There isn’t enough heavy lift on the planet to launch these things. Skylab — essentially a 3 person condo — took a Saturn 5 for launch. An 80+ unit condo?
    3: Magnetic shielding for charged particles would take something on the order of ten times the field in an MRI scanner tunnel. Bioeffects are problematic.
    4: Assumption is that time in a 2 G field would counter roughly the same time in 0 G. It doesn’t work that way.
    5: This concept can’t withstand any critical reading.

  5. i turn to another science to point out a dissatisifing equation they propse to deal with rather simply..

    Basic Agriculture…

    the Acidity of Human Waste would not magically make fertilizer. it would kill anything you planted, and they expect to feed people from this? not to mention the random outbreachs of food-borne illness because of the practice . it would never work. and with all the magnetism involved i do not even beleive that and “crops” would sprout, i would however like to see the genetic effects on the flora. the only way that they could make this work would be to import roughly 1000lbs of lime per month inorder to counteract the acidity… and there is still no garantee that it would work. and the use of the lime inorder to produce an acceptable acidity level in soil, would slow the entrophy process. the garden would be a very tedious area, where the slightest mistake in mixture of compost to lime could kill your crew.
    another one is about the Space Hotel would remove space debris with six robotic appendeges. he seems to have forgotten that during this process, his/her space hotel is spinning… this would make the removal of any space debris near immpossible and certainly not easy… if memory serves, Apollo 11 spun at 112 rt/m (rotations per minute) to simulate 3G this thing would have to move faster because of its proposed size. but then again, im not a herbologist or aerophysisist, so i could be wrong, but i am a Health Inspector, and the use of human waste in your product isn’t healthy, or good business

  6. For those of you interested in an extension of the above post by “oilboy” you are directed to the March 24, 2004 program on The Space Show with Constance Adams, a NASA consultant and space architect who specializes in closed systems engineering and design. I am sure you will find it inteesting to hear what she says about the state of our ability to design closed systems, just how basic the ISS is and lots more. You can find this show at: Just scroll down to the March 23, 2004 date. This program is a reality check to those that believe the engineering issues are solved, etc. Hardly. Ms. Adams and I are working on an update on The Space Show so follow the newsletter at to see when her return to the program is scheduled.

  7. tomsrants said:
    All I need is 100 million to buy a fleet of space ships.
    tasha9503 wishes it were true,
    then offered, for the 100 000 000,
    year round use of one unit in one of the condos,
    and the use of a second unit for 48 week of the year,
    every year tasha9503 has one condo in LEO.
    so $100 million buys the use of one unit for 100 weeks every year within the condo.
    or $100 million buys 100 units for one week we can negotiate.
    ps each unit sleeps three
    after the twelfth launch, the second condo will be able to be opened for business.
    (we still have the connections and adjustments to make, and then clean up the un used fuel etc.)
    When we have two condos in LEO, the indicial 100 000 000 buys twice the time-share and twice the profit share. 200 weeks.
    Again when there are three condos in LEO,
    tomsrants would have the use of a unit within a condo for 300 weeks every year.
    (Tom may rent out 248 of those weeks to others at a reduced rate of #1000000/week??.)
    If every space fairing country on earth, adopts our design and are all inter connectable,
    and if each of the seven countries with orbital technology launches 12 times a year,
    (do the math) that puts 14 condos in LEO every year. Then you have your fleet.
    I want a fleet, so if you encourage NASA, ESA, etc. to look at “and adopt” the HLV design we have, you to will have a fleet.

    oldspacecadet made 5 comments
    In reply tasha9503 commented
    1 ) Math: one million for one week, times 52 weeks, times 72 units
    52,000,000 X 72
    2 ) The shuttle is about 1.5 million pounds.
    Each of the six launch vehicles is about 1.5 million pounds.
    After lifting the 1.5m lbs, we leave most of it there, in orbit, and fly home in a small, light 36 passenger-landing vehicle.
    After orbit is reached, we remove and reattach the used fuel tanks.
    After six launch vehicles, we attach all six HVLs to produce one condo.
    (We do not use a HLV to lift the condo. The condo is made of used HLV’s)
    3 ) You know more about that, than we
    We understand that earth’s magnetosphere in rated between 1.5 and 2.5.
    We want to be in space, in one of the condos, to experiment with the amount to magnetic force we need to manipulate the plasma into our hollow core. (Plasma core)
    Remember the condo is a large hollow bar magnet.
    We with our computers will be right inside the magnet.
    4 ) OK with the time spent in 2G sections.
    We know, when returning to earth after a space stay, with bone and muscle loss., Earths gravity will encourage the human body to rebuild the bone mass.
    WE assume spending time in the 2g section will help build our bone and muscle density.
    Try imagining being born in a hotel, in 2g, in LEO. Imagine living there for 20 years. Then imagine visiting Earth’s 1g, with muscle and bone developed in a 2g world.
    We hope to combat one g force with another.
    5 ) This concept has withstood all critical reading with solutions to every stopper the nay Sayers have found over the years.
    tasha9503 invites all nay Sayers to point out the stoppers.
    We have been actively searching for reasons why we cannot build hotels in space.
    Every time we find one we design a way to use the stopper to succeed.
    We are still looking for more.
    The only stopper so far is financial.
    All the technology has been tried tested and found true.

    Oilboy in Neverland
    The conversion from waste to fertilizer was developed long before man tried to figure it out.
    We could take a few bugs. They like to eat our waste and plants like to soak up their waste.
    We need a little heat, and though it is not magic, human waste can be quickly converted to fertilizer. Growing up on a farm, we learned how to deal with sh_t. the outhouse was emptied onto the garden.
    How about instead of importing lime we use ash for the same effect.
    Some of our waste, and some of the uneaten plants can be burnt.
    The ash can be used to deal with the acid.
    How about we build a condo and begin experiments in real time. We will have six separate garden sections for all the studies you can imagine.
    Human poop has helped a lot of flower grow and I have never have a plant negatively affected by adding fresh poop to its soil.

    Soon the robotic arm will be drawn into the pictures on the site.
    For now think of the maglev train.
    It moves real fast and never suffers from friction with the track.
    At one end of the condo, we wrap a small maglev track around the condo so it ends touching itself. It looks like a wedding ring. (We could have a train spin round and round.)
    Two meters from the first track we add another, then another, then another.
    So we have 80 little maglev track wrapped around the condo.
    Now we add a six, 4 legged robots. Each leg has a foot that fits on the tracks and can move from one track to another.
    Look at a robot not moving along the track. It looks like it is spinning around the condo just hanging on.
    Look at a robot moving along the track in the opposite direction as the condo spin. This robot looks like it is standing there and the condo is spinning underneath it.
    I will add the pictures to the site soon.
    Look at robot releasing an object while spinning around the condo at 700 miles per hour.
    The condo is spinning, and add the condo is moving at 18 000 mph, add that to the 700 mph.
    The 700 mph is at track level but the robotic fingers are 30 meters from the feet.
    The tracks are 35 meters from the centre of the spin
    It will not be long before we can raise the 700mph currant limit.
    So you see now that the robots will have unrestricted movement around the outer perimeter of the condo. The movements of the other robots will restrict movement of each robot.

    1. Trevor, go do it then. Don’t talk and write about it, just go do it. Make it happen, especially since it is all yesterday’s technology as you say. Should be slam dunk, right? So go do it. Let us all know so we can take note of it happening as it happens. We wish you well. Oh, and if there are reasons or excuses for why you can’t do it despite it being yesterday’s technology, post those reasons and excuses right here, OK?

      Dr. Space

    1. Marvel Comics has cool drawing in it too. But I guess now that you are on Youtube, for sure its real. Hey, space development through Youtube = Reality! Yes, the math we all learned in grade school. Excuse me but its still early in the morning here in California. I need another drink Kool Aid to get my day going.Yep, reality through YouTube. Works for me! Let us all know how many investors it works for? Again, best of luck to you. We all know that virtual reality is considered by many to be reality. So hey, why not for you folks as well. I used to ask on the show what the ISP of a Power Point was. I finally got an answer. It can be anything you want it to be, its a Power Point! Well, extrapolating to your YouTube annimation to prove that it was all yesterday’s technology is easy. Hey, its an annimation. What’s your spin rate? Umm, it can be anything, its a cartoon on YouTube. Well, go build it all and prove all us cynics wrong and in the process become famous, make a name for your team and for each of you and do what no man before you has done. Go for the brass ring, that is what I say.

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