Space is HARD

Condolonces to the men and women of SeaLaunch over the failed attempt to loft the NSS-8 satellite today. Hopefully the Odyssey platform, which is based in my hometown of Long Beach, California, did not suffer much damage and will be back to sea launching again soon. For those of you who think that space is […]

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The hits keep coming

Here’s another example from the MSM under the rubric of “stuff you can’t make up.” Apparently Brian Emmett, who had won a “flight to space” in a loudly promoted public contest in 2005, believed he had to “give up his seat” because he wasn’t able to pay the taxes on his “winnings.” Well, I try […]

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In the category of life imitating art (and the term art being used loosely in this case), i bring you this snippet and link to a truly entertaining article from today’s Sydney Morning Herald. You just can’t make this stuff up. US Urges Scientists to Block Out Sun “THE US wants the world’s scientists to […]

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Who Goes There?

On my weekly foray through the various web newsites, blogs, and occasional entertainment links (such as PostSecret, which I highly recommend) I have made a point of regularly visiting Jeff Foust’s blog, Space Politics so I can keep abreast of the goings-on in my old neighborhood (Washington DC) as it pertains to space development. Sadly, […]

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