Jeff Bell on COTS

One thought on “Jeff Bell on COTS

  1. Jeff Bell,

    You are a waste of the space/time/energy continuum. You were a professor because you couldn’t do anything else. Lee Silver was a teacher who inspired his students, I bet you put them to sleep and/or created an urge in them to become assasins, starting with you. What contributions have you made to science? Your only function in life is professional space curmudgeon. SpaceX is gonna fill the shuttle gap. SpaceX will replace Ares. SpaceX will colonize Mars. Who cares if NASA dies they are almost as useless as you are. Have you researched the recent advances in carbon nanotube production? The first space tether will oscillate and we will turn it into a windbelt. Google windbelt. It will be the first example of space power. ESA has already demonstrated how to climb an oscillating tether without beamed power. Your function in life is to be the “emminate scientist” proclaiming things to be impossible, like Lord Kelvin proclaiming that “heavier than air flight” was impossible. Go crawl under a rock you crab. I wish you had never experienced life, we could have sufficed with “pictures” of you.

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