Space is REALLY Hard

As some of you are by now no doubt aware, tragedy struck today at the Scaled Composites facility in Mojave, California.  The latest news I have been able to find is that there have been a number of fatalities and casualties. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the employees and families of Scaled at […]

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NewSpace 2007

Just returned from the NewSpace 2007 conference in Washington, DC – still quite jetlagged, but it was definitely worth it! First off, it was GREAT to see so many familiar faces at the event – congrats to all of you for sticking with the dream and working on ways to open the high frontier.  Second, […]

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Another step towards CRATS

Courtesy of the Australian Science Establishment and with a little help from DARPA: SCRAMJET REACHES MACH 10 I remember seeing a presentation by the lead professor who was working on this project back in 2004 in Adelaide. They had VERY LITTLE funding, scrambled to find surplus parts and a few sponsors, and yet managed to […]

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It’s your life…

A recent discussion in the comments section led to this entry in the Space Cynics blog. Specifically, a guest appeared to take pity on me for my lack of, um, vision, I guess, because I don’t subscribe to the kool-aid vision of STS, ISS, VSE, you name it as just being around the corner and […]

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Space Cynic Becomes Drill Sergeant

Thanks to Alan Boyle for putting up this good article: Boot Camp For Rocketeers For a business plan competition to be held at the upcoming Space Frontier Foundation conference in Washington DC. I have had the privelege of being invited to teach a session on writing business plans to prospective competitors, and a $2000 cash […]

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Worthy Cause, Unworthy Claim

From today’s Space Daily: Cornell And NAIC Search For Funding To Keep Arecibo Radar Alive Last November, the Senior Review, an advisory committee to the NSF Division of Astronomical Sciences, recommended that Arecibo’s total funding from that division be scaled back by 25 percent over the next three years. These cuts only allow operation of […]

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