NewSpace 2007

Just returned from the NewSpace 2007 conference in Washington, DC – still quite jetlagged, but it was definitely worth it!


First off, it was GREAT to see so many familiar faces at the event – congrats to all of you for sticking with the dream and working on ways to open the high frontier.  Second, here’s a big “it was a pleasure to meet you” to all of the new faces (at least to me), especially our friends from the NSSO who are working on various aspects of space.  Third, congrats to the new board of directors and of course to the newly minted Advocates.  It’s too late – you’re one of us now and if you thought being mercilessly hounded by telemarketers was bad….

For those who may think i have lost my cynicism, despair not.  Perhaps i did have a small sip of the kool-aid while I was there (the hospitality suite was mighty fine 🙂  this Cynic will not change his tune when it comes to things that I am known for.

Finally, congrats to the conference organising committee, the volunteers, and of course Will, for making it all happen.  Can’t wait for next year’s event!

2 thoughts on “NewSpace 2007

  1. I hoped to read a good roast of the pipe dreams and misplaced optimism at this event since this is the only blog that provides such relief. Instead, you grow soft and gulp the kool-aid instead of stealing just a sip. Don’t let this voice in the wilderness become another assimilated puppet of the hopeless dreamers.

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