Carnival of Space

The latest Carnival of Space is up – thanks to Out of the Cradle for being this week’s host! For those of you who haven’t been there already, here’s the link: Carnival of Space

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Oh, no. Not again.

Long-time readers of the Cynic may recall previous entries (such as Ooh….Aaaaahh…ZZZZ) where we have castigated NASA’s lame attempts to make space seem interesting, perhaps out of their desperation to keep the public mildly amused long enough around budget time to protect their precious (and pointless) manned space program. Not to be outdone by their […]

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Out of sight, out of mind

I’m about to head out for a week on a houseboat on Lake Powell in the Arizona/Utah desert.  So for the next week I’ll have no email or voicemail or web access, which means that any comments will not be approved until I return, and of course I won’t have any new posts up here […]

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The Carnival’s In Town!!!!

That’s right, folks, the 14th Carnival of Space is up and running, so please go have a visit (unless you arrived here from there, in which case you already know where it is…) Thanks to Fraser Cain at Universe Today for hosting this week’s Carnival! And no, it’s not a real carnival, so there are […]

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