Oh, no. Not again.


Long-time readers of the Cynic may recall previous entries (such as Ooh….Aaaaahh…ZZZZ) where we have castigated NASA’s lame attempts to make space seem interesting, perhaps out of their desperation to keep the public mildly amused long enough around budget time to protect their precious (and pointless) manned space program.

Not to be outdone by their previous efforts, NASA has put together a little PR stunt, complete with Wookies, Stormtroopers, and even R2D2, to escort a movie prop to the Space Station and back in commemoration of the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars. What a brilliant use of my tax dollars (and yours, too).

Unbeknownst to NASA’s PR geniuses, though, the old saying “all press is good press” is, in fact, not true. While the sycophantic mainstream media – having long abdicated any pretense of actual journalistic integrity in return for a chance to fly in Air Force One or get a slightly better market share in the Nielsen ratings (because we need those ad sponsor dollars, after all) – is doing their job in covering this event, it appears the blogosphere is a bit less impressed. For example, while the high-traffic technology website, Slashdot, did in fact provide a brief snippet on the media event, the tags associated with the coverage really were the most illuminating, in particular, the word lame.

At least they could have done a service to humanity and taken Jar Jar Binks along for the ride (and shoved him out the airlock… “what? me go walkie?”)

NASA has now officially jumped the shark.

6 thoughts on “Oh, no. Not again.

  1. NASA jumped the shark on Apollo 11. There really has been no reason for the agency to exist once the first moon landing was done. Ever since then, then only purpose of NASA has been to maintain its own existence.

  2. I’m sure that, not to be outdone, all the alt.space advos will be making a press release any day now – also offering a ride into sub-orbital space for movie memorabilia – on all those spacecraft awaiting AST approval and will, of course, be flying within the next TWO years.

    The first teacher-in-space can wear Obi-Wan’s robe, the second teacher can carry the Yoda doll in his/her lap, the third, princess Leia’s tiara, etc. The possibilities are endless.

  3. Many people have speculated that if we knew exactly why the bowl of petunias had thought that we would know a lot more about the nature of the universe than we do now.

  4. NASA really needs to spend a sizable chunk of our tax dollars and hire a good, no…GREAT PR company. Lame references to fantasy Sci-Fi such as Star Trek and Star Wars don’t appeal to most Americans. Present (and that’s what NASA needs to do) the Space Program in a way that makes it understandable and interesting to the average person. The first thing I’d do? I’d have commercials shown around the country explaining why we’re going back to the moon. You gotta sell it to the masses! The military hires decent enough folks to make those neat commercials, why can’t NASA?

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