Space Cynics Announce $100 million prize!

For the first team to land a human safely on Europe Europa.

No need to return him or her safely, either. Although they’ll probably want to come back to collect their prize money…

And in other news, Google announced something about a moon prize.  More on that soon.

9 thoughts on “Space Cynics Announce $100 million prize!

  1. Shubber, can we use a potential future rocket maybe 2 decades off and count it as real, thus entering our Power Point with say the Space Elevator to win the $100 million? Does that count? My power point says its real, ready to go off the shelf right now, just a tiny bit of tweaking and minor amounts of money to be raised by angels and those that are totally devoted to space development, like say President Bush, father of our VSE. If my Power Point counts, its all made in America too, no ITAR issues with my Power Points, I can submit it tomorrow. How soon can I get my $100 million? By the way, I want the $100 million in the equivalent Euros, please. Cash only. No checks, Pay Pal, credit cards or bank notes. Gold bullion will work if you pick up the shipping charges.

    Do I win?

  2. I hope Space Cynic is prepared to pony up the cash real soon, because as soon as these aliens finish with their anal probes, I’m going to be borrowing one of their shuttle craft for the trip to Europa. They said that I had been a well behaved abductee over the years and that they’d give me 1% of the reward. What they plan to do with the remaining millions is anyone’s guess, maybe they’ll buy more anal probes or upgrade to a bigger saucer. And too bad for professor, I’ll be back from Europa before he even finishes up the pretty pictures for slide one.

  3. Steve H:

    Don’t you know, Power Points are real! They fly, they have ISP, man, so cool. I bet we have gone further out into the universe on Power Points than any other rocket design. The same for our tourism, Power Point space tourism is really catching on. And Europa, its just a key entry, no problem. The trick will be collecting the Euros or the gold bars. Even the way I make Power Points, I will clear the 2 year time period without a problem.

    Europa, here I come. Just press Slide Show.

  4. .

    “Space” is NOT (and, I believe, NEVER will be) the Google’s “core business” (why go on the moon to earn million$$$ if they earn billion$$$ every year on earth?) so, that prize is mainly an excellent “VIRAL MARKETING” operation to have a GLOBAL publicity without spend a CENT (now) and Google has ALREADY reached his goal (NO NEED that a rover will really lands on the moon in 2012…)

    Hey Google, the Moonrovers Prize was MY idea!!!

    the article includes the email that shows the truth


  5. I see the Google Prize as a “force multiplier” for people seeking sponsors for a lunar mission.

    Others have noted the failure of prior private missions to find financing for a lunar rover. Finding adequate sponsorship was lacking.

    But now, a program can sell BOTH sponsorship of a lunar rover AND association with Google. A corporate sponsor can now use the word “Google” in every ad it runs touting its sponsorship of — for example — the Aardvark Aerospace contestant thereby linking that brand with Google as well as linking their with the rover contest.

    And now, a tech company who desires the public to think of their brand in the same thought as Google can be approached even if there is no intrinsic corporate interest in the Moon.

    Of course, since brand value involves purely intangible and emotional considerations, aerospace engineers may have a hard time grokking how all this works.

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