Chicks in Space

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the space press arena, NASA’s PR machine is in high gear touting their latest “success”. Chicks in charge. I kid you not. The big accomplishment? That for the first time in history, a woman is in charge of the STS and another in charge […]

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Tap tap tap…

that sound, dear friends, is the sad accompaniment to the activity of driving a nail into a coffin. In this particular instance, the coffin would be that of RpK’s COTS efforts. It appears that NASA has finally determined that RpK was not going to be able to meet the already missed milestones or upcoming ones, […]

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A quick recommendation

One of the great things about internet 2.0 and blogging is all the cool stats you get with your weblog these days. For example, we’ve had over 10,000 hits in just the few short months we’ve been here on our new wordpress home! Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to read […]

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Slim Pickings…?

Thomas Pickens III seems to think that the future opportunity for making the ISS that success that we all deep down know it can be </sarcasm> is to get the pharmaceutical industry to line up to use it… if only they knew how valuable it was! “If people knew what I already know, the International […]

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Apparently, the Space Cynics seem to have finally caught the eye of a few kool-aid drinkers out there, who find our site disturbing. I’m glad to see we are doing our jobs, then.  Frankly, what disturbs me is how otherwise intelligent people swallow the space kool-aid without the slightest bit of skepticism – or, as […]

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