Apparently, the Space Cynics seem to have finally caught the eye of a few kool-aid drinkers out there, who find our site disturbing.

I’m glad to see we are doing our jobs, then.  Frankly, what disturbs me is how otherwise intelligent people swallow the space kool-aid without the slightest bit of skepticism – or, as my texan friend likes to put it, less smarts than a bag of hammers.

Oh, and for those of you still following the old link, we moved to wordpress over 3 months ago… do try and keep up.

5 thoughts on “Disturbia

  1. One of our merry band is on the mailing list of a group advocating SSP as the panacea that’s going to Save The World Any Day Now. One of the contributors happened to share a link to our old blog site with the rest, claiming he found our content “disturbing”.

    Well, if you can’t handle Truth, or even Honest Criticism, then I guess you would, in fact, feel a bit “disturbed”, eh?? LOL


  2. Professor L here. I am teaching this week in Grand Forks at UND Space Studies. Where is the space solar power when we need it? Its cold as you know what here and the winter is not here yet. And it gets much colder. I say bring on the SSP right now, in my motel room. We need it! In lieu of that, I am turning up the temp on the wall unit heater. As for being disturbed, all us space cadets are at least little disturbed, right? By the way, where is the global warming when we need it here in GF? Geez, we here in North Dakota are missing out on all the neat things.

  3. Actually, I find the name of your blog misleading.

    It should be Space_Realists. While I tend to temper my optimisim for potential gains by private firms in Space with experience, I will not show fanboy loyalty to companies with business plans that consist of PowerPoint presentations.

    I am not by nature pessimistic, but what alt.space needs, is a good dose of realism.

    Please have your name changed by next week. 🙂

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