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Space Investment Summit – Silicon Valley October 18, 2007

Posted by shubber in angel investing, gauntlet being dropped, investment, PYMWYMI, space, space tourism, suborbital tourism, venture capital.

Ok, for those of you with entrepreneurial space aspirations, who think that your plan isn’t just another flavor of kool-aid, it’s time to step up and represent (so to speak).

The third in a series of Space Investment Summits, otherwise known as SIS-3 (clever, no?) is being held this December in Silicon Valley, offering would be future space titans of industry the opportunity to present to well-heeled investor types (angels and VCs). You must, of course, prequalify – the application process is on the event website:

SIS-3 Registration

So now’s your chance… let’s see who can make the cut, and potentially get some megabucks to get their venture on the path to stardom (sorry, couldn’t resist).

And yes, yours truly will be kicking off the event with an overview presentation of the Space Industry for the attendees, so you can’t say you weren’t warned.



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[…] a recent email discussion between myself, other Cynics, and those involved in putting together the Space Investment Summit (SIS-3), the topic of Old Space and NewSpace was raised in the context of the Space Assets Protocol – […]

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