Housing, Homer, and Space…

(apologies to those who have never watched the Simpson’s, as this reference may very well be lost on you…) And for those of you who may wonder why I bring up the housing market on a site dedicated to the promotion of the Space Cynic (tm*) way of life, consider this: externalities are those pesky […]

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Dodos with IEDs

A recent email thread which I am cc:d on had the following tag line at the bottom: The dinosaurs were destroyed by an asteroid because they weren’t space-faring. It then went on to describe how perhaps Gaia decided to try with us mammals – and that we are now developing the capability (whatever that means) […]

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Someone get them a room

It appears the great sage, Robert Zubrin, has come down once again from the mountain to share his wisdom with the masses. Not content with spewing economically challenged fantasies about developing space (lest we forget the trillion dollar asteroid), he has now set his sights on America’s energy independence, with a book entitled (surprise): As […]

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Rise of Space Cynicism

(Note: this is a guest post from a sometime cynic, sometimes tragic…) Nosy Reporter encounters leading Space Cynic and other cautious Advocates of the spacefaring thing at Space Investment Summit 3: Space entrepreneurs launch ideas at investors Rocket racers and other concepts are received as mere flights of fancy. By John Johnson Jr., Los Angeles […]

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The 3,000…?

I often have emails forwarded to me by friends who are members of discussion groups which I have not been invited to because I am, perhaps, a bit too pragmatic for the kool-aid being served… a recent email which found it’s way to my inbox had an interesting quote/forecast buried in it which I thought […]

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Help the Cynic! Get a Reward!

One of my fellow honorary Cynics pointed me to a blog which mentioned some pretty esoteric, but funny, morale patches that have surfaced in the US military from time to time. For example, the “Death Wears Bunny Slippers” patch for the Nuclear Missile Combat Crew. Well, the patch above – for the Joint Space Operations […]

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