It’s here (almost)

Virgin Galactic has revealed the White Knight 2 and the new suborbital space ship design.

Very cool looking – good luck! (and yes, I will be buying a ticket – don’t act so surprised)


3 thoughts on “It’s here (almost)

  1. Nope, still the cynic. But those who have had the misfortune and patience to follow my postings here and on other blogs know that I would love to go to space and if I had the money would blow it all on a ticket to the ISS….

    BUT – I don’t think that SS2 is going to change the game in any way, and I further believe that the market for suborbital tourism is a limited one that won’t support all of the others who intend to rush in (or are already trying to). I expect that the moderate success of SS2/Virgin Galactic will be the death blow for many of the me-too suborbital wannabes out there.

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