Sage Words

Remember Andy Beal? Now firmly back in his industry of expertise, he penned this letter in today’s Wall Street Journal.  Read it and think. To: Mr. Ben Bernanke Please DON”T PUT GARBAGE in the FEDERAL RESERVE “Dear Mr. Bernanke: I was afraid that if simply wrote you this letter you might never see it. I […]

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I want my $2!!!

Apparently, the little paper boy has grown up and now works for Bear Stearns.  Good thing, too, since they’re going to need his help to get their $2/share that they’ve been offered by JPMorgan in a last minute bailout. This is still just the beginning of a VERY ugly period in the financial markets, folks.  […]

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Dorky Space Cadets: An Hypothesis

(courtesy of the Old Space Cadet) A recent article (1) by Davide Marchiori and Massimo Warglien and an accompanying commentary (2) by Michael Cohen describes an apparent human characteristic that could explain the dorkiness of space cadets. I have often wondered why otherwise intelligent people (space-cadets) can be so obtuse and uncooperative in furthering their […]

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Kool-Aid of the Year, 2007

While I mentioned this topic on my annual year-end Space Show appearance, last December, I’ve decided to expand on it here, in response to specific pleas by regular readers/listeners. (I also want to do this before 2008 gets completely away from me, as it’s beginning to do already.) At last December’s Space Investment Summit (SIS-3), […]

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A moment of silence…

A great man has left our ranks – a man who created a world, nay, WORLDS that were accessible to millions, limited by only our imagination, our weekly allowance/pocket money/whatever, and of course how long our parents would let us stay out playing with 20-sided dice. Yes, my friends, Gary Gygax has fallen. The legendary […]

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