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Why Obama is Better for the Space Program September 12, 2008

Posted by shubber in distracting PR, hot air, NASA, public service announcement, space.

If Palin is qualified as a Russia expert because Alaska is next to Russia, then Obama is better suited for running our space program than McCain is because he’s taller (and hence closer to the edge of space).



1. Jonathan Goff - September 12, 2008

Heh. Ouch.

2. Ken Murphy - September 12, 2008

Hah! That means I’m better qualified than Griffin to run NASA, as I’m 6′ 4½”, and therefore far closer to space than he.

3. Jay Dupree - September 13, 2008

LOL. Good one.

4. Tony Williams - September 14, 2008

Good one! McCain is older, which puts him closer to the edge of the heavenly realms.

Where do Obama & McCain really stand on the space program anyway?

5. ken anthony - September 17, 2008

And I thought it was because of the space between his ears.

6. baley - September 19, 2008

lol nice I agree 100%

7. Professor L - September 19, 2008

Ok, so if Obama is more qualified for space stuff because he is taller and reaches closer to the edge of space, does that mean that the Mojave start-ups building rockets should make them taller to get them closer to space from the get go so the rocket engines don’t have to do so much work? This may be the answer to all our low cost space access problems. Taller rockets trying to touch the edge of space from the pad. I bet taller rockets also allow for bending the rules of physics with the rocket equation.

8. shubber - September 19, 2008

does that mean that the Mojave start-ups building rockets should make them taller to get them closer to space from the get go so the rocket engines don’t have to do so much work?

why yes, that would work. Make the rocket tall enough and you won’t even have to ignite it. Just make sure it’s a little over 100 miles tall and then you can simply detach the payload and deploy into LEO.

9. oldspacecadet - September 19, 2008

One hundred miles? That is only 10 times as high as the terminus of a circular maglev launcher that limits vehicle payloads to centripetal accelerations of 800 gravities or so. Piece of cake.

10. Professor L - September 20, 2008

How many stages for 100 miles high? Can Mojave do this as an SSTO? What do you wise Cynics suggest? Remember, the goal is $100/lb or less to LEO and easy, stress-free conversion to space from the module at the top of this new rocket. Can anyone calculate the costs savings in not need much of an engine or fuel for this new design? We need to maintain life support but since this new type of vehicle is going nowhere because its tall and touches the edge of space, we don’t really need a rocket engine, right?

Can we also infer that we should be electing taller reps for all public offices because they are more qualified for space since they are closer to space than shorter folks? This might be seen as discriminatory in the New United States, don’t you think? We need a good winning slogan for space based on height. Any suggestions?

I like this new rocket design. It should also substantially lower the cost of a suborbital tourist flight, right? Have you thought through yet the process of getting the crew on the top of the rocket?

11. shubber - September 20, 2008

Single Stage to Orbit, of course. It’ll have it’s own elevator inside of it to get the crew to the top.

Not to be confused with a “Space Elevator”, of course – because that is just science fiction.

As for the political issue – i suppose i’d be less concerned if the other candidate didn’t have a habit of crashing aircraft….

12. chiya - October 18, 2008


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