If you are for Alt-Space, Obama’s your candidate

Having just returned from hearing Obama speak under the St Louis Arch with approximately 100,000 of my fellow Americans, I thought I would pass on this piece of his platform that I think was perhaps the most important for Alt.Spacers and one that I had not heard before today:

He will ELIMINATE capital gains tax for investments in startup companies and small businesses, in order to encourage that sector of the economy which drives innovation.

For those of you who are looking for investors or talking to investors (or have put your own hard earned $$ into your companies), this should be of particular importance to you.

9 thoughts on “If you are for Alt-Space, Obama’s your candidate

  1. Oh, shubber, shubber…. surely you are not so young as not to realize that all these late date reinventions of previous programs from politicians on both sides of the election are really just that and bear no resemblance to reality?

    Never have. Never will.

    And by the way, in all the elections I have voted in since 1968 I have voted for exactly two republicans. All the rest, local, state, national have been Democrats.

    So don’t assume you know what your are talking about in that regard, because you don’t.

    I will guarantee you that, should Obama be elected, the only direction capital gains taxes are going to go is up. For all of them.

    Depend upon it.

  2. oh vanderleun, vanderleun –

    three things:

    1) you made a claim of “fact” – i asked you to prove it, you responded when some mealy mouthed slightly condescending/patronizing line of bullshit. Score: Shubber 1, You 0

    2) I have voted Republican most of my life, in the mistaken belief that my party was still of the “fiscal conservative” mindset. They have alas chosen to eject this plank in the platform and replace it with the nutjob neocon fundamentalist plank, splinters and all.

    3) I’ll wager you $100 that capital gains taxes will NOT go up for everyone if/when Obama is elected. Put your money where your mouth is – of course, in your view even if you win you’ll get less than $100 because Obama’s going to tax a big chunk of it away from you. LOL.

  3. Shubber,
    Thanks for the info. It’ll be interesting to see how things end up going if he wins. The ramifications of a directed capital gains tax like this could be fairly interesting. Am I correct in saying that if something like this is actually implemented that it would make startups more competitive with more traditional investments? Basically, since you don’t have to pay the capital gains tax, that makes it so your required IRR doesn’t need to be as high in order to be competitive.

    Still need to have a believable business plan, a good team, and a clear understanding of your market–because the lack of capital gains tax doesn’t help investors if you go out of business. But for quality startups/small businesses, it could help a lot.


  4. A capital gains tax is incurred only on the sale of stock or other property for a gain. It has no association with a corporate internal rate of return.

  5. Shubber, I concur. Alt.space, NewSpace and Obama go together like a horse and buggy. Hopes, wish lists and the like equaling change and progress. Its a perfect symbiotic relationship. I now await the attack of the 50 foot thought policeman, but wait, maybe the Bay Area is different from the rest of the country. My suggestion for everyone is we all need to lighten up and find some humor in our national, international, and personal predicaments. We likely have some rough roads ahead and space challenges to deal with that are not the usual ones such as high launch costs, ITAR, etc. When its all over and done with and we have an economic recovery and a robust civil and private space program, we can look back and laugh some more. Regardless of who the winner is on Nov. 4th, we and space will be OK as we progress through the early years of this new century. In the meantime, I keep being reminded of a favorite song of mine growing up, that one by Dusty Springfield in 1964. Too bad Dusty passed away in 1999, long before she would have seen so many people and groups dedicated to a cause just a “Wishin and Hopin!” Rest in peace, Dusty. Many of us will never forget you or your music or the power we got from just a Wishin and Hopin back in the mid to late 60’s.

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