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Let There Be Light (and the end of Space Based Solar Power?) January 23, 2011

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The Cynics need your assistance – calling all Junior Cynics!

We are looking for any interesting links to current/cutting edge research and products in the area of terrestrial solar power:

  • Have you heard of a new fabrication technique being developed in a lab?
  • Have you seen an article/blog post on a company that’s selling solar power kits for the home?
  • Do you have links to economic analysis on the cost of power generation with solar (of various kinds)?
  • Can you send in (or point to) information on the different types of solar generation and an overview of each?
  • Do you have anything else interesting in this area you’d like to share?
  • Are you involved in a company doing one or more of the above and want to be interviewed by us (or know someone who does?)

If you can do any of the above, let us know.  There’s a prize (real one, from the scrappy company that dethroned Microsoft in market cap not too long ago) involved for the best/most useful submission.  And we will thank everyone for their contributions (unless you want to remain anonymous).



1. Michael Doornbos - January 24, 2011

Love to see some of the resources you gather on this topic…

2. Thomas - January 28, 2011

LOL…looks like we’re on our own…!

3. Spacester - February 4, 2011

The latest advancement that caught my eye was plastic solar panels that capture 96% of solar energy. I’ll post a link once I get back home.

4. Michael Doornbos - February 4, 2011

Isn’t 90% REALLY high?

5. spacester - February 4, 2011

Here’s the article, Caltech claims their cell absorbs 96% of incident light and 85% of total collectible light.


6. space zone - February 6, 2011

great news and your site offering niche space information

7. steven collins - April 4, 2011

A very good report on the research that is needed to make solar terrestrial power economic is the free 260 page report ” Basic Research Needs for solar Energy Utilization” Here is the link


Steven Collins - April 5, 2011

The URL for the report “Basic Research Needs for Solar Energy Utilization listed above is incorrect. The correct URL is


8. Paul D. - February 26, 2013

#3: methinks you are confusing quantum efficiency and energy efficiency.

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