Zzz…. zzz…. huh?… what…? oh… you’re still there? What year is it?

Having just had a delightful catch-up-after-much-too-long dinner with my good friend Dr. Livingston (no presumptions needed), it was agreed that it is time to relaunch the Space Cynics blog as, it turns out, the need for Cynics in this industry has not only NOT diminished, but apparently become even more apparent than ever.


So here’s a warning to all of you purveyors of various flavors of sugary sweet beverages that prey on the undiscriminating minds of those who love Space – WE ARE BACK.


But, as times *have* changed since the inception of the blog, and the mechanism of crowd-sourcing and collaboration and social media have become the dominant model in this decade, we are taking our next logical evolution from the Space Cynics you knew and loved to add you all to the rank of Cynics in training.  Guest posts will be welcome from would-be cynics – they must be submitted by tuesday COB each week, and we will (barring objectionable, or non-cynic-worthy, content which we will attempt to contact you about) publish them on each friday in time for people to enjoy and mull over during the weekend…


This isn’t a big change, but rather the next logical evolution – after all, I originally started this blog as a solo effort, but then expanded it to include fellow Cynics when I recognized that I wasn’t alone in the effort to dispel the rampant Kool-Aid that had coursed through the veins of the alt space community (and, to be honest, the Big Establishment space community as well).   So if you see/read/hear something which doesn’t add up, now you have a place to talk about it.







4 thoughts on “Zzz…. zzz…. huh?… what…? oh… you’re still there? What year is it?

  1. This is my first time taking a peek at Space Cynics. I read Thanksgiving and a (sort of) farewell Nov. 27, 2009 and sighed. I want to show my support and compassion about the lack of progress regarding developments in manned space programs. The problem described at NASA is inherent to all large government organizations. As a former teacher for the New York City schools, in my own way, I have been there/done that. Some of my frustrations appeared in an article, “A View From The Trenches” in the NY Times on April 8, 2001. From some teachers I know still working, the news is that nothing much has changed except more meetings and more redefining of old problems and programs with new names. Sound familiar?
    Anyone can figure out that creative visionary bold leadership and money—two things that don’t always get together—would go a long way to move things along. And yes, life is too short to spend in unproductive ventures, but each of us in our own way can bang the drum slowly and keep our dreams of manned space exploration alive. So thanks and no thanks for keeping up and not keeping up the good work. I hope both of us live long enough see a colony on the Moon, a man on Mars, and much beyond.
    All the Best,
    Jackie Kingon
    Author of Chocolate Chocolate Moons and coming soon Sherlock Mars.

  2. I’m very happy I read Dr. Livingston’s update about this site coming alive again. I like NASAWATCH and Space Review but I guess I’m an ole’ cynic at heart and a site like this is a lot more fun.

    On top of all this I learn stuff, very cool.

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