Fellow Spacers: Light the Night!

New Spacers, Alt Spacers, Space Tragics:

I’m raising $ for the Light the Night Foundation (Leukemia/Lymphoma Society) in memory of my dad, who passed away last year – he spent his life as an Oncologist/Hematologist at Kaiser fighting these terrible cancers in others so i wanted to do my part to help out.

I would GREATLY appreciate any donation you’d be kind enough to make at my fundraising page:


Thank you in advance!

Don’t forget, if your firm matches you can double the value of your donation.

2 thoughts on “Fellow Spacers: Light the Night!

  1. I would like Space Cynics’ take on effort to form a space bank to serve NewSpace entrepreneurs. Can it remain legal and ethical? Can it provide a good service to customers and also be profitable to its investors — like other banks?

  2. Toniroman – sorry for the VERY delayed reply. Your comment must inadvertently have been diverted via TDRSS to the Voyager spacecraft and only recently been bounced back to us.

    Now, to your question: I have honestly no idea on how this would function from a legal perspective. However, rather than a bank, I do believe that a space-focused kickstarter platform could enable newspace ideas to try to get $ from the large community of space enthusiasts.

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