The only good that can come of this…

Is if they promise to send Gov Christie up as the first passenger, on a one way trip to anywhere.

New Jersey Smokes Crack, Thinks It Can Build A Spaceport

Seriously – wtf?

I remember 16 years ago when there was a huge flurry of activity of states trying to win the VentureStar bid (yeah, remember that program..? Spiked the price of golf clubs for a few years… and that’s about it).  The reality was that there were only three states that had any chance of winning the bid: Florida, Texas, and California.  The rest of the states being duped into bidding were simply there to try to extract bigger and bigger concessions from the usual three.  The reason was pretty simple: everything is a function of the risk profile of downrange geography and the orbit you want to achieve.

So what, prattle, does NJ think it is going to do? Launch rockets over Manhattan? Be more cost effective than other launch sites that are closer to the equator?

But say the magic word “spaceport” and people get giddy.

PT Barnum was right.

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