Records were made to be broken…

It’s getting to the point that i should probably just rename the Space Cynic blog the “SpaceX is Awesome” blog….

SpaceX has done it again.

Actually,  according to this article today from Gizmodo, they’ve done it 4 times in one flight.

Specifically, the latest Falcon 9 launch set these records:

  • Falcon 9 rocket re-flown THREE times
  • Each flight from a different US spaceport
  • Launch of 64 satellites from one rocket (although India set the all-time record, this is a first for the US)
  • 19th launch for SpaceX this year.  N-N-N-N-Nineteen.

Congrats to the entire team at SpaceX!


One thought on “Records were made to be broken…

  1. I saw a few launches at the Cape the last few years, including a night launch but they expended the 1st stage on that one. Just think of the possibilities if they get the BFR to work.

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