Didn’t we already discuss this?

I saw in Space Daily yesterday an interesting take on “spaceports”. The money quote from the sidebar was: “All in all, there are some 20 active, or soon to be active, space launch sites around the world. Last year the total worldwide orbital launch count was 68. Simple arithmetic tells us that the average number […]

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I am a Lost Cause

As a good friend of mine reminded me: “Getting into an argument on the internet is like being in the Special Olympics – you might “win”, but you’re still [developmentally disabled].” I didn’t use the term he did, at the end, out of respect for the fact that my wife has worked with/for the MRDD […]

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Kool-Aid of the Year, 2007

While I mentioned this topic on my annual year-end Space Show appearance, last December, I’ve decided to expand on it here, in response to specific pleas by regular readers/listeners. (I also want to do this before 2008 gets completely away from me, as it’s beginning to do already.) At last December’s Space Investment Summit (SIS-3), […]

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