Parsing to Excess

(Note: the Old Space Cadet is at it again….) In a recent comment to my April 6, 2008 post, Jon Goff quibbled about my use of the word “airline” rather than the word “airplane.” That attention to detail displays a laudable concern for precision of expression, which is a very important characteristic for an engineer […]

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What Would Warren Say?

(NOTE: this post courtesy of the Old Space Cadet) When I was a wee young lad in the mid 1960s I bought some stock because of my confidence in the company’s principal. His name was Warren Buffett. Since then, I have made a point of treating the annual reports of Berkshire Hathaway the same way […]

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Sage Words

Remember Andy Beal? Now firmly back in his industry of expertise, he penned this letter in today’s Wall Street Journal.  Read it and think. To: Mr. Ben Bernanke Please DON”T PUT GARBAGE in the FEDERAL RESERVE “Dear Mr. Bernanke: I was afraid that if simply wrote you this letter you might never see it. I […]

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Houston, We May Have a Problem…

(this post courtesy of the Old Space Cadet) The following comes from section 460.45 of the regulations referenced in the AST website. According to my nonlawyerly eye, these requirements are to be met before a deposit can be taken by a space flight provider corporation. I support my interpretation with the first sentence of paragraph […]

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The 3,000…?

I often have emails forwarded to me by friends who are members of discussion groups which I have not been invited to because I am, perhaps, a bit too pragmatic for the kool-aid being served… a recent email which found it’s way to my inbox had an interesting quote/forecast buried in it which I thought […]

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