Why We Won’t (fill in the blank):

Go back to the Moon Build a Lunar Settlement (see #1) Send humans to Mars Build a Space Based Solar Power Satellite (other than a demo, if that) Build a real replacement for the Shuttle (i.e. something reusable) Build a Space Elevator Fulfill any other wild fantasy of the Space Tragic community Giving kudos where […]

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Didn’t we already discuss this?

I saw in Space Daily yesterday an interesting take on “spaceports”. The money quote from the sidebar was: “All in all, there are some 20 active, or soon to be active, space launch sites around the world. Last year the total worldwide orbital launch count was 68. Simple arithmetic tells us that the average number […]

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What Would Warren Say?

(NOTE: this post courtesy of the Old Space Cadet) When I was a wee young lad in the mid 1960s I bought some stock because of my confidence in the company’s principal. His name was Warren Buffett. Since then, I have made a point of treating the annual reports of Berkshire Hathaway the same way […]

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Sage Words

Remember Andy Beal? Now firmly back in his industry of expertise, he penned this letter in today’s Wall Street Journal.  Read it and think. To: Mr. Ben Bernanke Please DON”T PUT GARBAGE in the FEDERAL RESERVE “Dear Mr. Bernanke: I was afraid that if simply wrote you this letter you might never see it. I […]

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Rise of Space Cynicism

(Note: this is a guest post from a sometime cynic, sometimes tragic…) Nosy Reporter encounters leading Space Cynic and other cautious Advocates of the spacefaring thing at Space Investment Summit 3: Space entrepreneurs launch ideas at investors Rocket racers and other concepts are received as mere flights of fancy. By John Johnson Jr., Los Angeles […]

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