Well, it sorta got mentioned…

For those who suffered through the 1st Presidential stump speech fest (“debate” is too strong a word for what I witnessed), you may have noticed that the issue of Space didn’t get any coverage, other than a passing reference to China sending some astronauts up and how we should focus more on math and science […]

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Blog, interrupted

Apologies for the radio silence over the past few weeks – real life stepped up and threw in a couple of major time consumers (big project for work, moving from DC to St Louis, packing/unpacking, speaking at a couple of conferences, etc). I thought i’d share a little bit of info to further my point […]

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A Gathering of Cynics

At this weekend’s ISDC in Washington DC, we had a rare alignment of travel schedules, not unlike the grand alignment of the outer gas giants (spare us the obvious jokes, folks!).  Taking advantage of this opportunity, the three of us (David, Tom, and myself) and our honorary cynic, Reda (known to many as the first […]

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Parsing to Excess

(Note: the Old Space Cadet is at it again….) In a recent comment to my April 6, 2008 post, Jon Goff quibbled about my use of the word “airline” rather than the word “airplane.” That attention to detail displays a laudable concern for precision of expression, which is a very important characteristic for an engineer […]

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What Would Warren Say?

(NOTE: this post courtesy of the Old Space Cadet) When I was a wee young lad in the mid 1960s I bought some stock because of my confidence in the company’s principal. His name was Warren Buffett. Since then, I have made a point of treating the annual reports of Berkshire Hathaway the same way […]

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Pry Away…

Charleton Heston dead at 84 years of age. Sorry for the lag in postings – been on the road and swamped.  I’ll be in Colorado Springs tomorrow/Tuesday for the first couple of days of the National Space Symposium if any of you are around.  Feel free to stop by our booth as well.

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