Records were made to be broken…

It’s getting to the point that i should probably just rename the Space Cynic blog the “SpaceX is Awesome” blog…. SpaceX has done it again. Actually,  according to this article today from Gizmodo, they’ve done it 4 times in one flight. Specifically, the latest Falcon 9 launch set these records: Falcon 9 rocket re-flown THREE […]

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(Space) Economics 101

It’s a basic rule of economics that the intersection of the supply and demand curves for a product or service will give you the “market clearing” price. It’s therefore no surprise that if the cost of an item goes down, then the demand for it should increase, assuming normal economic curve profiles. (quick lesson on […]

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Space Panties in a Bunch

Et tu, NASA? Have you succumbed to the political correctness run amok in the halls of our government? Apparently, the answer is a sad “yes”. This week’s Atlantic has a great essay on the latest lack of leadership chapter at NASA – the “we must dig into the leadership and culture at SpaceX” because, you […]

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Listen to Shubber on the Tuesday evening, Sept. 30, 2008 episode of The Space Show. Shubber is hard hitting, witty, and at times, in your face with reality and facts. We had a surprise caller,! Listen to her questions and answers in her own voice. Yes, she is a real, independent person who called […]