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Want to be a Guest Commenter?

Guest Space Cynic editorial submissions are welcome but must follow these guidelines and rules:


1.  Guest editorials must be in keeping with the philosophy of Space Cynics.  A Space Cynic guest editorial must combat Kool-Aid and fantasy with fact.


2.  No personal, character or flaming attacks are allowed.  No name calling is permitted.  Ideas, theories, or proposals are fair game and should be held up to the light of day but we do not insult or target people with inflammatory rhetoric.


3.  Guest editorials must be submitted using the author’s real name.  The Space Cynics will know the guest author’s email address but will not post it unless authorized to do so by the author. We will not accept submissions anonymously or using a “handle” instead of the author’s name.


4.  To make the Friday publication deadline, your guest editorial must be received at drspace@thespaceshow.com no later than Tuesday of the same week.  To be accepted for publication, at least two Space Cynics need to approve the submission.  Editorials submitted beyond the deadline will be considered for the following week.  Authors will be notified by email from one of the Space Cynics regarding publication details or if its been rejected and why.  Guest editors are welcome to resubmit their editorial taking into consideration any rejection comments offered by Space Cynics.



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