An Argument For "Youth"-anasia, Redux

Apologies again for those who come here looking for space-related commentary (I would not hazard to use the word “insight” since I’m sure a fair number of our readers would be loathe to call us insightful…). This posting, in part a followup to this one: An Argument for Euthanasia has been spurred by the latest […]

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Looking for a New Political Party…

So on a random surf this morning I came across this particularly stupid editorial/ article: Pigs in Space Courtesy of The Nation magazine. Thankfully most of the commentors on that posting excoriated the author for his naive and regressive viewpoint. I think I recognised a few fellow Cynics readers over there…. So here’s my problem […]

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Pauly Shore… your agent is calling

In the “life imitating art (imitating life)” category… Saw this news item in the Dutch News this morning. Space Agency Wants Mars Volunteers Seems the European Space Agency, having missed the whole Biodome saga here in the US back in the 90’s, wants to run an isolation trial of 6 victims/volunteers “isolated in metal tanks […]

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