Walking Eagle Award Announced!

This is the season of awards. In keeping with the finest tradition of awarding the best of the best such as with the Golden Globes, the SAG Awards, the Academy Awards, the Nobel prizes, the Grammy’s, the Emmy’s, and the Country Music Awards, and the IgNoble Prize, we at The Space Cynics are now awarding 2007 Walking Eagle awards.

The Space Cynics Walking Eagle Award goes to the person, organization, or group of people best deserving an award in their respective categories. Awards can go to those in traditional space, alt.space/New Space, and related divisions. By receiving the Walking Eagle, the recipient receives well-deserved public recognition for his/her consistently outstanding performance in his/her field during the year.

This highly sought after award is not granted lightly, nor often – please return to Space Cynics each Quarter as we celebrate future Walking Eagle awardees.

4 thoughts on “Walking Eagle Award Announced!

  1. It’s like a “genius grant”…someone else has to nominate you, citing specific verifiable examples of words and deeds. Most people won’t know they’ve been nominated until they actually receive the award.

  2. Neat. Looks like a drumstick. 8)
    Are you really going to make us wait that long to see who gets zinged?

    …and now for best actor in an effort to raise money from the venture capital community…envelope please?

    Lots of people compete for special effects and set design.

    You need some ritual to go with these things like the Ig-Nobel prizes.

    (I’m bored! Make him stop!) 8)

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